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Walmart Drive-in truck with employees in masks


Drive-In Movie Tour
While the Coronavirus pandemic continued to impact and limit summer plans and activities for families, Walmart sought to bring a safe and unique experience to its customers across the nation with a throwback to the drive-in movie experience.
Alongside Walmart and partners, our team brought the fun and nostalgia of drive-in movies to Walmart customers in 23 different markets across 66 different stores for 118 total movie showings. Walmart and suppliers treated families to this free event to watch the latest blockbuster releases along with unique treats and goody bags to enjoy during the movie. Our onsite teams were specially trained and remained compliant with all COVID-19 safety guidelines to ensure a safe experience for all those involved.

The customer response was overwhelmingly positive and confirmed that the well-executed events helped families experience a sense of "normalcy" during these turbulent times.
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  • Walmart Drive-in event host is wearing a mask and serving drinks to a customer in a car
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  • woman in Walmart branded booth with tote bags containing samples and snacks
  • Table with Walmart branded tote bags, product samples, snacks and drinks
  • Full Walmart parking lot with large movie screen