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Outshine popsicle flavors with fruit


A Snacking Adventure
Yes, healthy has become the lifestyle du jour, but that craving for something sweet still calls out to be satisfied — ideally in a more natural way. When approached to help define and bring this new marshmallow snacking brand to life, we couldn’t wait to help them claim their niche in the snacking category.
Blue packaging with hot air balloons for Smashmallow
A sweet pick-me-up to carry you away. We created new worlds for each marshmallow's flavor. The responsive website, shipper and communications transported visitors into a world of wonder and whimsy. We rooted the brand in adventure, letting the flavor transport the consumer down memory lane or to a whole new place, tapping into nostalgia and creating a personal “Snackapade.”
  • Smashmallow packaging for strawberries and cream and churro flavors
  • Smashmallow packaging for Lemon chia seeds and mint chocolate chip flavors
  • Booklet design and illustration pattern
  • Smashmallow website hero image showing different flavors with hot air balloons
  • Smashmallow Instagram page showing cohesive designs for each post
  • Pattern made from Smashmallow products