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Bringing Smiles to the Table
Maruchan has been making America’s highest quality Ramen noodles since 1977. With their long run as the leading product in the market, Maruchan knew they had already won the hearts – and appetites – of ramen lovers. They now sought to grow the category beyond college students and reach new consumers while maintaining their heritage and kawaii traits.
In order to expand Maruchan’s audience, we identified a consumer with a similar profile to Maruchan’s core customers: the working mom. While she enjoys cooking at home and would prefer healthy meals to convenient ones, her busy lifestyle and commitment to family time often forces her to cut down on the time she spends preparing meals.

To appeal to our new target audience, we showed moms that Maruchan can help them “Bring Smiles to the Table.” Grounded in messaging that frames Maruchan’s easy-to-prepare products as the key to spending less time in the kitchen and more time with family, we deployed this campaign across broadcast, social and web in places working moms would see it.
  • Multiple packages of Maruchan Yakisoba on purple background
  • Maruchan hot and spicy chicken soup with spoon on orange background
  • Maruchan roast chicken flavor with ingredients on yellow background
Maruchan Ramen noodles in colorful bowls with hands and utensils