Amopé Pedi Perfect

Red or pink? Maybe teal? The truth is that beyond trending nail polish colors, the Millennial female shopper doesn’t consider foot care as a part of her at-home beauty routine. Reckitt Benckiser wanted to change that with the launch of Amopé™ Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File.

Launching a product into a low engagement category is tough. But when the product isn’t placed in an intuitive location, the challenge magnifies. So to launch Amopé Pedi Perfect, we had to boldly break out of the foot care aisle. Engaging the beauty-minded Target guest during peak moments of self indulgence and tactically redirecting her to the foot care aisle, we inspired her to embrace Amopé, and her feet, as part of her beauty routine. The result? A U.S. foothold for Amopé and a significant increase in foot care category sales at Target with average sales per store per week more than 600% over key performance indicators during the first 10 weeks after launch.